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Hi folks, here's the pictures for after the big storm. Man, it was heck driving in the stuff, and the first time I ever put chains on a car. The Caravan worked fine, but the $75 real chains weren't that easy to put on and they broke twice. Get the cheaper cable ones, and get a spare, you can't buy them when you need them. They don't take returns or exchanges - tire chains just break under normal use. This has got to be the worst snow since 1968, the last time I remember Dad having to put chains on the family bus and bug to get around. We had to drive to the airport after the really big snow on Sunday with all the rain, it took all day instead of just half a day to get out the the airport and back.


Halloween Costumes

Jenny's Parents and Henry

Po Po and Cynthia as Angel

House in Snow on the sunny Saturday

Kids and Jenny

Laundry Baskets as sleds

Christmas tree and booty Thanks!

Star Wars Nativity. Wicket is Baby Jesus

Collapsed Westlake Center Carousel

Lamonts at Totem Lake Roof collapse

Another shot of the House

KOMO Snow totals 9" in Redmond, 24" in Whidbey Island. Tacoma News Tribune reports ""There were definitely snowier times, way back when," Petrescu said. The year's total snowfall of 31 inches is a mere dusting in comparison. Even December's total of 12 inches at Sea-Tac fell far short of the record of 22.1 inches that buried the region in 1968. For northwestern Washington, however, the recent snowfalls probably will set a record, Petrescu said. "In that region, this was probably the heaviest storm since 1916," he said. "They had between 2 and 3 feet."

.AVI Videos (Sorry, these don't work yet)

Komo 4 1996 Edmonds boat roof collapse

Kiro 7 1996 Car Port collapse on driver

Komo 4 1996 Edmonds boat roof domino collapse

Seattle Bus Tunnel

Henry lifts himself up to crib rail

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