Obama Got Osama: Mission Accomplished?

By Arthur Hu

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All those students were so happy about Obama’s speech that they remembered to bring their 2008 (assuming they weren’t reprinted just for this event) “Change WE Can Believe In”, “One Nation”, “Latinos for Obama” and other signs and wave them behind Geraldo at Fox cameras. I also spotted a guy who brought his life-size GW Bush cutout, the man who really deserves credit for starting the process.

Not everybody is happy about the targeted killing of the leader of Al Queda, Osama bin Laden. Al Jazeera english looks pretty much they just cut and paste off the AP wire. Reactionsare pretty much everybody in the west seems to be cool with it if not outright overjoyed with the exception of the Taliban and Hamas who “condemn the assassination and the killing of an Arab holy warrior. We ask God to offer him mercy with the true believers and the martyrs.”

But for a different, more militant view check out the arabic version, and give it to Google Translate. Remember, this outfit from our moderate ally Qatar has been the prime cheerleader for “pro-democracy” movements and civil wars from Tunisia to Egypt and Libya. I now get their english programs on my cable TV along with BBC, and they are one of the more popular “news” channels on Youtube along with Russia Today.

Al Queda: Game’s Not Over Yet

Here’s AJA’s section on people who weren’t so happy about the operation:

The Associated Press quoted a French members of al-Qaeda in Yemen confirmed news of the killing bin Laden after the contacts he had with his brothers in Pakistan, told him the news of his death.

He also published site Hmok Islam’s post “The Lion of Jihad 2″, which is seen as very close to al-Qaeda, are aware of where bin Laden, saying that the battle with the “world tyranny” will not end with the martyrdom of the “Lion of Islam.” But even this moment, did not come from al-Qaida statement confirms or denies killing of its leader.

The rolled official reactions to the killing of bin Laden, and many countries expressed satisfaction with the promise of his death, some as a victory for democracy and the beginning of the end of the so-called “terrorism”, while a number of countries have warned that this incident does not mean the end of the conflict with al Qaeda.

For its part, demanded that the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt today the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan and Iraq after the killing of bin Laden, said spokesman Essam el-Erian, told Reuters that the killing of bin Laden removed one of the causes of violence in the world, expect a violent reaction to his death.

On the other hand the President of the Palestinian government denounced the article in Gaza Ismail Haniyeh, the assassination of bin Laden, and described it as volunteers from Arab and Muslim jurisprudence and despite the differences in the Arab and Islamic countries on the role of al-Qaeda.

And threatened the Pakistani Taliban attacks on members of the Pakistani government and army, and also on the United States after the announcement of the death of bin Laden in a joint operation of U.S. forces and Pakistan.

Came as threats from members of the jihadist forums retaliate if the “news of killing of Osama bin Laden’s true.”

The killing of al Qaeda leader a mixed response at the grassroots level in a number of countries, while greeted with elation by the thousands of Americans, expressed some reservations in Muslim countries…

Killing of Bin Laden comes just months of the tenth anniversary of the attacks of 11 September 2001 carried out by al Qaeda.

Bin Laden was NOT a Muslim Leader…..

Sorry Barack, but your speech didn’t convince everybody. Here is what the good God-fearing readers of AJ Arabic had to say about Bin Laden’s not being a Muslim leader, and fact being a hated enemy of Islam. Thank goodness we have Obama, of Muslim ancestors as our cultural ambassador to the good Islamic world to defuse that tiny minority of Muslims who have been driven to extremism.

Egypt God bless his soul and make paradise unresolved. Do not tell those who are slain in the way of Allah dead, but alive.

Qatar: that force that went to the home of bin Laden went to kill him and not detain him! Americans know that bin Laden would not be up for grabs and give them to God bless you and accept you with the martyrs and saints

God said to him enter martyr Osama to God in Paradise, God willing. A man and master of the nation of men to heaven.

False news, as usual, Obama is trying to promote the election, why throw bin Laden in the sea, there will be no states hosted Iasalam Sourooh Advinoh

The idea that al-Qaeda organization will not go away no idea this topic martyrdom of Sheikh Osama, because the main driver for this topic idea is the colonial presence of the Western countries in addition to the authoritarian rule of the Arab rulers (Wow, sound just like good Ron Paul)

Mecca: May God have mercy on him if the news is true God, eternal peace and God is the type of crescents when you hear the news

Saudi girl: From my point of view I think that President Obama is seen to the dimensions of this news, for the elections and his party first and then restoring the U.S. military and somehow squeeze in Afghanistan and other .. whether killing bin Laden today or before the age of jihad is based by the hour, God willing. Bin Laden game American movement and whenever you want to justify the actions only, and frankly I doubt very much the credibility of this news.

India: there is no concrete evidence confirms the death of Osama bin Laden and I personally am not convinced of the news of his death… .. As long as Osama is a ghost or a nightmare for America, why is not filming his body so far to confirm the news ?……………. kill enough of these rumors

Virtue of the martyrs: Think not of those killed in the way of Allah dead, but alive with their Lord * rejoice in what Allah has given them of His bounty and rejoice for those who did not catch them from behind them, not fear, nor shall they grieve * They glory in the grace and bounty from Allah and Allah will not waste the reward of the faithful)

Saudi Arabia: God bless you, O God fill the Arabs [you who bravely] threatened America

Egypt: Suffice God and religion and the agent does not wear out and can not forget the guilt and the Judge does not die, do what you want to break it.
Martyred lion and hyenas

Yemen: The killing of Sheikh bin permission does not provide or delay the man ended a long time and the situation of the Islamic [pro democratic revolusion?] change with the emergence… all the Muslim world …We say God’s mercy

France: Lied in Photoshop

Germany: Enough the sons of Zion from promoting the death of this actor who has perfected the role and because of this disaster America has twenty years ago

Giza: When bin Laden died, we are all bin Laden

Tunisia: Shahid (fallen martyr) Abazn God, I’ve got what he wanted, thank God for everything there are many black and there are other cubs in the process of becoming black (Anybody know what a black martyr is?)

Jordan: I do not agree with brutal style U.S. This was seen as an attack on all Muslims with a controversial ideology of al Qaeda. Asalbeyen do not need a justification to accuse Muslims of terrorism. Hai movements are calling for freedom from [US/zionist] occupation. The accusation of terrorism is a false charge by Western interests only

Vienna: In the name of God the Merciful I have received news of the martyrdom of a lion from the Black urticaria Sheikh Osama bin born and some of our brothers combined We ask God Almighty to grant them rest in peace, and commanded them all together, God my Lord and your companions and the creation of God to be his death light for each of the doubt in the good intentions and peace be upon you and God’s mercy

cairo: May God have mercy bin Laden was a mujahid

Kill the beast and the earth grows Rebel Rebel Icbria one thousand died of the
wound if fought graves God accepted it came out well-received in your path, and to uphold your word and the messenger But ye rulers of the day as your Iaarab

Sudan: Bin Laden is alive and kicking. And I’m sure of it completely. All this noise fabrication of U.S. media and the news tomorrow, you know, with certainty. [Signed by an] Al-Qaeda member.

St. El Salamony: In the name of Allah the Merciful, what is the reason the killing Osama bin Laden?

Sudan: Is this the Islamic Ummah on what happened to the leader of the Arabs and the Taliban?

Morroco: Osama bin Laden was martyred for the sake of God, heaven. God reward him. Of those who killed or helped sweep to kill him, what punishment?

God have mercy on Sheikh Osama

Chanting USA! USA! is impolite

Salon’s David Sirota, who has figured out that Muslims are the victims of anti-Muslim bigotry and apartheid at the hands of the real terrorists who run Israel. Click on David Sirota
says it’s not polite to celebrate the killing of Bin Laden.

9-11 Truth: BL’s Been Frozen for Years

A guy you’ve probably never watched but is all over the internet is Alex Jones who has been called the King of the Truth-ers. His infowars.com says it’s yet another corporate conspiracy lie. In Red Alert: Government Had Osama bin Laden Frozen for Years Kurt Nimmo writes: “CNN and the corporate media report this evening that purported CIA asset Osama bin Laden has been killed by the U.S. military in a mansion outside the Pakistani capital of Islamabad along with other family members…. Alex Jones was told live on the radio in 2002 by high-level Council on Foreign Relations members that Osama Bin Laden had died of kidney failure in early 2002.”

On Ramallah Online, SAmi Jamil Jadallh says that Killing Osama Bin Laden is the right thing. Period.No man and no organization in recent memory, perhaps in the last 500 years had done more damage to Islam and the Arabs than Osama and his Islamist Jihadists including Alqaeda, Taliban’s and other small fringe group of killers and murderers.To most people in the Arab and Muslim world, they tend to forget that Osama Bin Laden was the creation and invention of the American CIA and the American Zionist NeoCons, and he was their partner not only in Afghanistan when he was fighting the Soviet Union, but I believe he was their partner and ally during the September 11, attack on America. No one can convince me or hundreds of millions like me in the US and around the world that a group of 18 people can do what they did without key assistance from the inside.
Osma Bin Laden was a bonanza, a windfall for the world Zionists and NeoCons, and the September 11th attack was what was needed by these Zionist NeoCons to have their new world order and to take charge of both US domestic and foreign policy and to have their imprint on US “anti-terrorism” agenda. The war on terror has served Israel very well, it served it agenda in the American Knesset, and it served Israel well with its industry and intelligence services and the ability to have its Fifth Column in the US by invitation.
Hmmm, in other words, Bin Laden was a zionist plot doing the bidding of Israel? Riiiiiiiight.

Gordon Duff a good patriotic ex US Marine runs Veteran’s Today, which in addition to hawking loans to veterans peddles 9-11 “truth” and anti-Israel screeds as he’s convinced Bin Laden was telling the truth when he wrote he was not at all involved in 9-11. In his latest post, he shows off his vacation pictures from a ski lodge just up the hill from Abbotabad Pakistan. He was there because “I contacted friends in Pakistan known to have access to those who might be able to locate bin Laden. It was my wish to ask bin Laden to intercede in the release of a captured American and I was willing to travel into Afghanistan or the Pakistan tribal areas, unarmed and alone to do so.” Wow, I don’t know anybody with friends in Pakistan, but imagine that this guy does?? I think that Times Square Bomber went to Pakistan too, something about how to build stuff with propane tanks and clocks.

In his view, common evidence “presents an alternative view of both Osama bin Laden and 9/11. It is proven beyond any doubt that Building 7, the third tower, was demolished with an explosive device. This is a given, a known fact. This is proof of a very real conspiracy, real proof that 9/11 never involved hijackers or bin Laden.”

On the one hand, maybe these folks are just stupid or crazy. But on the other hand, I suspect that SOMEBODY is footing the enormous bill so that people like these and friends like Rense and WhatReallyHappened can have full-time jobs broadcasting and maintaining huge websites that pretty much repost the same stable of conspiracy writers. Bottom line, I don’t think it is a coincidence they are all trying to convince the world that Bin Laden / Muslims did not do 9/11, but GW Bush and/or Israel/Zionists/ Mossad are guilty and that we need to pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan, smash Islamophobia and fight for justice in Palestine.

I suspect that Bin Laden isn’t the only one who has been hiding in plain sight. Something this elaborate and expensive can’t be dismissed as stupid or crazy – They are “crazy like a fox”, trying to pull off some funny business, or in the words of Daniel Hopsicker (who apparently believes that bad US government intelligence people HELPED some bad muslims do 9/11, a sort of A-and-B multiple choice) deliberately spreading disinformation.

Think hard, WHO in the world would try to promote such a message – that the Jews dominate the media, Muslims are unjustly persecuted victims, not terrorists and Israel and the USA are the real terrorists? Hamas? Hezbollah? Iran? If you saw Catholics, Jews, Arabs, Mormons and Mexicans all put out massive websites defending Japanese people and attacking Chinese if there were a long protracted conflict, do ya think you might be able to figure what group was promoting such a view? Inquiring minds want to know.

Now those of you who want an Asian American angle, I’ve always noted that Asians politically either a) comatose or b) leftist radical as hell. I can’t do anything about those of you who help man the tables at the annual Smash Israel Apartheid campus weekend, or are out there working for a “Free and Democratic” Libya or Syria that is not a lackey of Israel. But for those of you who don’t think Asians have a dog in the Middle East conflict, I highly encourage those in (a) to do a little homework, put on your skeptic’s goggles, and figure out which side to take between the “evil” zionists and the “victims of Islamophobia”. You can probably figure out what side I’m on, are you ready to figure out what side YOU want stand with? Unfortunately, I believe our president needs to make it absolutely clear which side he is on, given what side so many of his advisors, ex-advisors and supporters are obviously on the question of Israel and Palestine.

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