Whatever Happened to the Full Size Mockup?

Mr. Hu:

Sorry i haven't written sooner, but i have mid-term exams coming up and have had computer problems.

Regarding your SST website, i found a full print-out i made before any changes were made. Problematically, it turns out that i have far more aviation files and photographs in the same computer folder, so i'll have to go through it to see what i saved from your page. I'll get back to you on that.

Darren Ritchie is a contact i made through the internet. He lives in Washington State and he had a wonderful SST website that suffered problems similar to yours. I was helping him with the L-2000 and TU-144 he listed on there. He wrote me quite some time ago that he visited with you to see your SST collection and to exchange thoughts and information with you. He's a variable wing fan, just as NASA-Langley was in the 1950s/60s. That's one of the main reasons Boeing's proposal was selected over Lockheed.

I want to mention the B2707-300 mockup that was near me in Central Florida. Your site said that it was supposed to be re-assembled, but i checked every WIRED magazine and couldn't find mention of that. Can you clarify, please? I know the translating nose and forward fuselage are in the Hiller Museum. Have you been there? The owner of the mockup, Mr. Bell, died suddenly and his aerospace relics and treasures were auctioned off. I'll try to copy and send you the article from the Orlando Sentinel. I'm afraid the remainder of the mockup was destroyed. Do you have any information about that? Attached is a photograph of the mockup in its next-to-last resting place in Mr. Bell's scrap yard on Merritt Island near Kennedy Space Center.

I'll be in touch with you soon and send my best wishes for good health and success.

John JS707FL / aol.com

Orlando, Florida