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Columnist correct about Hu

I do not recall ever agreeing completely with columnist Adele Ferguson, but as regards Arthur Hu, Republican candidate for superintendent of schools, the worst I can say is that she understates his case.

My reaction on first meeting Hu was like hers, he seems a bit of a clown, but upon listening to him speak about the issues one quickly perceives the MIT graduate concerned about the poor quality of education his children are getting in public school.

I share his concerns. None of the stories he has to tell are new to me; I've heard them before from other parents. That's why my children are in private schools where I know they are receiving a good education.

But when I think of all the other children, the ones in public schools who are receiving an education that is failing both to equip them properly for the workplace and for the ever-so-important continuance of our social and political institutions, I worry for the future of our country.

And though I have taken the easy out by placing my children in private schools, I commend and recommend Arthur Hu for tackling the problem at its core.

William Wallace



No reason for step backwards

Please rename your recently renamed ``Women's Journal.''

I was born in 1955, so I am old enough to remember when a women's section was standard in newspapers. I am also old enough to remember when newspapers all changed the name of this section in recognition of the fact that items such as gardening, religion and pets are not limited to women.

I can think of no good reason for this recent giant step backwards unless you're attempting to encourage us little women to go back to a time when women could only be moms, nurses, teachers or secretaries.

I find it annoying every time I reach that section of your paper. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Liz Copeland


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