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Subject: Overhiring of Minorities
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SJ:  U.S. OPM Minority Hiring Report FY 2000

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management released its FY 2000 (Oct. 1, 1999 to Sept. 30, 2000) report titled "Annual Report to Congress: Federal Equal Opportunity Recruitment Program".

As with previous such reports, the document glowingly shows how many of each protected class has been hired (as a %) by each agency of the federal government.

While the report goes into great detail regarding the individual agencies "meeting or exceeding their goals" for hiring protected minorities, there are predictable -- and politically correct -- oversights:

(1) There is apparently no upper limit on the "diversity hiring goals".  For example, according to Adversity.Net's computations (using OPM's numbers), the EEOC hired 625% more blacks than their proportion in the relevant civilian population.  Similarly, GSA hired 293% more blacks than their proportion in the relevant civilian population.

(2) The OPM's mind-numbingly detailed statistics do not include even a passing mention of the proportion of white males employed (or unemployed) by the feds.

Adversity.Net's equally mind-numbing analysis -- including our computations on OVER and UNDER hiring of various protected groups by each agency -- is now available on-line at:

We've also posted the entire original copy of the OPM report on line in Acrobat PDF format at:

NOTE:  I'm pleased to note that the Washington Times yesterday picked up the story of the racial bounty payments received by DOE's Argonne Laboratory supervisors for meeting their "diversity goals".  The story originally appeared a week ago in the Chicago Sun Times (link is dead), but here are the updated links:

Adversity.Net synopsis of Argonne story (updated 7-22-02):

The Washington Times' excellent report 7-22-02 is available at:

Since the Chicago Sun Times article is no longer available on-line, if you would like a complete copy of the Sun Times article, please email me and I'll email the full text back to you.

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