Carter/Amaya Management Plan



We have a variety of methods within our classroom.



First, we use a ticket system. Students are rewarded tickets for being on time, turning in homework, sharing, working in a group cooperatively and using Life Skills. This approach brings attention to the student’s positive behavior.

At the end of the week the tickets are put into a jar and several are picked out and prizes are given. This also offers us a chance to discuss the mathematical concepts of probability and statistics.


Second, we have the ever popular “Monkey’s Tail”. This reinforces positive behavior in the specialists’ classrooms. If our class receives a “10” they get a paper clip. If they also get a compliment or no names are on the back of the report, the get another paper clip. They then hang these paperclips into a hole on the monkey. Once they have gotten 35 paper clips they get a class movie. This is reinforces the Life Skill of cooperation within the whole group.


Third, we use a variety of signals to get the students’ attention. We teach these throughout the year. Often, if the whole class responds appropriately they receive a paper clip.


Life Skills and Life Long Guidelines are taught, modeled and reinforced all year long,